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What Our Students Are Saying About FBA Mentor!

FBA Mentor has helped hundreds of people across the world just like you to become profitable Amazon sellers. Below are just testimonials from real-life students who have joined our community and never looked back.


With bens long-term partnership I was able to scale my low 5 figure business into comfortable making way more than I could have ever done on my own. Regardless if you’re a new seller with no experience or someone who has already started. Trust me, Ben will be able to help you out

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If I could give 10 stars for his services I would. I was already running a successful business but was very apprehensive with putting my products into Amazon given all the negative press on how they treat their staff and sellers. I have to say, I am so happy I went ahead with it! With Bens help I was able to learn how to create my listings optimise them and deal with any issues Amazon thrown my way so far. This is the guy to go for if you’re interested in starting and expanding your business

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Just wanted to say I can’t recommend bens FBA mentorship highly enough. He was to take my failed products and flip them around so I can sell them at a profit and continue my amazon business. So so happy I chose him over a lot of the other “gurus” out there. Well done!!

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Great advice, really helpful. Was able to help me launch my Amazon FBA business and supported me on product research, speaking to suppliers etc. Thank you!

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Ben has been absolutely amazing throughout every step of the way on my Amazon business. Given I had no previous selling on the internet experiece I was extremely nervous and worried if I was going to be able to make a living on Amazon. With Bens help I was able to launch my first product successfully! He explained clearly and in great detail (just like he does on his YT videos) how to create my first listing and setup PPC campaigns correctly to make sure I have the best chance to get on 1st page. Thank you so much for all your help!

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Ben from Fba Mentorship has been fantastic from the start, I recently started selling on amazon last year in November 2021, and with bens help and guidance, sales have increased really well, I would highly recommend bens help. James

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